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Climate change and economic recovery – an interview with Nicholas Stern

March 8, 2009
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We are living in the year of crisis – the biggest financial crisis since the 1930s and a climate change crisis that potentially has even greater, more dangerous consequences. But it also a time of great opportunity if we act to solve the two crises together, says economist Nicholas Stern (he of the Stern Review) in an interview for the McKinsey Quarterly.

He says we need to overcome the idea that the economic crisis takes precedence over the climate crisis because there are great returns to be had from handling the two together. We can actually be excited about the future, he says, because we have “the biggest technological opportunity that we’ve had for a very long time: as big as the railways, as big as electricity, as big as the motorcar, and, most recently, information technology. It’s the opportunity to go for low-carbon growth.”

The real challenge is to move that change fast enough, he says.

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