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Rift Valley hot rocks give Kenya green power

August 11, 2008
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Kenya is tapping into the vast geothermal energy reserves of the Rift Valley as part of a plan to dramatically increase electricity production by 2018 and fuel economic development, Reuters reports. Read more

Compensation programme helps save lions in Maasai country

July 9, 2007
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Maasai warriors in their distinctive red robes are one of the iconic images of East Africa. They’ve herded their cattle across the plains, living harmoniously with the wild animals, for centuries – or so it would seem. But nothing is ever as simple as it looks. At a community-owned ranch In the Tsavo-Amboseli ecosystem, a vast unfenced region in southern Kenya, the Maasai lose about two head of livestock a day to lions and other predators. To protect their precious cattle, the warriors used to kill lions. And who can blame them, cattle are their livelihood? But a compensation programme set up by the Ol Donyo Wuas Trust has convinced the Maasai communities on Mbirikani ranch that it is possible to live in peace with lions.
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