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Flamingo conservationists may soon learn why they were suspended

August 30, 2008
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Mark Anderson, the ornithologist, and two of his colleagues, Julius Koen and Eric Hermann, who were suspended by the Northern Cape department of tourism, environment and conservation, may this week find out why they were suspended, the UK’s Times Online reports.

The Times quotes Les Abrahams, a spokesman for the department, as saying that the three men would receive official letters explaining their suspension and the disciplinary procedure this week.

Anderson is reportedly worried about the flamingo chicks on the Kamfers Dam nesting site. He told the Times that, “The quality of the water is deteriorating and we’re very worried. I’ve just received a 33-page report from the University of the Free State saying there’s clostridium from the raw sewage which causes botulism in birds. If we keep quiet about this, 65,000 flamingos are going to go belly up.”

A spokesman for the local council told the Times that it had a dedicated engineer trying to fix the pipes from the sewage works that is leaking sewerage into the dam.

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