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Winning name found for glass recycling mascot

February 12, 2009
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The Glass Recycling Company has found a name for its  mascot – Vusa, which means renew in Zulu. It’s an appropriate choice considering that glass in 100 percent recyclable and infinitely renewable, says the company.

Shabeer Jhetam, the general manager of The Glass Recycling Company, likes the name, which was chosen as the winner after national competition, because it’s fresh, energetic and easy to remember, pronounce and write.

“We hope that all of these qualities will serve as an inspiration and go a long way towards converting South Africans into recyclers of glass.  We want their impression of Vusa to be a lasting one and hope his message will help motivate consumers to embrace green routines that put glass recycling on the top of the list,” says Jhetam.

The name was clearly a popular choice because it was submitted not once but four times, says the company. The R5,000 prize money had to be shared between all the winning entrants, so The Glass Recycling Company generously decided to double the prize money so each winner could pocket a more substantial reward for their creative efforts.

The mascot’s role is to be an ambassador for The Glass Recycling Company and ultimately become a symbol that is recognised around the country.

“Despite being 100 percent recyclable, just 26 percent of all non-returnable glass containers produced annually are retrieved for recycling in South Africa, which is relatively poor when compared to international rates,” says Jhetam.

“Vusa will go on glass recycling assignments that will help increase recovery rates.  He will be a constant reminder that glass is 100 percent recyclable, it is infinitely recyclable and the use of recycled glass in the glass production process does not affect the quality or integrity of the new product.”

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What’s in a name? R5,000 actually

October 20, 2008
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Think of a name for the Glass Recycling Company’s logo (pictured right) and you could win a nice R5,000 cash bonus for Christmas. It’s your opportunity to help convert South Africans into glass recycling champions.

The competition has been running for a while and a few hundred entries have been received already, but the closing date has been extended.

“Interestingly, many of the entries in so far have been similar in approach with a strong weighting towards names that emphasise the bottle’s characteristics, rather than what he represents: glass recycling and environmentalism,” says Shabeer Jhetam, general manager of The Glass Recycling Company.

The name should also be one that is representative of the demographics of the country, the company says. “Like Zakumi for [the] 2010 [Soccer World Cup], so too should our icon’s name be easily recognisable, it should roll off the tongue without difficulty and must be representative of what The Glass Recycling Company is trying to achieve: a nation of glass recyclers,” says Jhetam.

You’ll find the judging criteria and competition rules on The Glass Recycling Company’s website, plus an online entry form. Or you can send your entries to mel[at]simonsayscom[dot]co[dot]za or fax them to 011-465-7553 (don’t forget to include your contact details with your entry).

You have until November 30 to come up with a good name, so get your thinking caps on.