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August 22, 2008
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ELEPHANT MASSACRE IN THE CONGO: Poachers have killed a fifth of the elephants in the DRC’s Virunga National Park this year, Reuters reports. The park lies in eastern DRC on the border with Rwanda and Uganda. Read the full story.

SA PLAN TO SAVE THE SEABIRDS: The department of environmental affairs and tourism has launched a plan of action to help prevent seabirds from being killed by the fishing industry. More than 28 species of albatross and petrel have been recorded caught by South African fisheries. Thirteen of them are threatened with extinction. The National Plan of Action for Reducing the Incidental Catch of Seabirds in Long-line Fisheries (NPOA-Seabirds) illustrates the country’s commitment to managing seabirds and fisheries responsibly, says DEAT.

Also this week, the WWF released a report which it says underscores the need for international co-operation on preventing seabird deaths. Dr Samantha Petersen, manager of the WWF Responsible Fisheries Programme, “This report substantially improves our understanding of the circumstances under which seabirds are killed and for the first time reports on experiments conducted in South African waters to develop techniques to reduce seabird bycatch under local conditions.” Read more on WWF site

LONESOME GEORGE, LONESOME NO MORE?: Lonesome George got his name because he is the last remaining Pinta Island tortoise. For years researchers have been hoping that he would breed with a tortoise from a similar Galapagos subspecies at the research station where he has lived since 1972. George has two female companions in his corral, but scientists seem to have struggled to coax him to reproduce. But there appears to have been a breakthrough because two nests containing eggs have reportedly been found in George’s corral. Eight eggs have been incubated and fingers are crossed that genetic tests will show that George is the father. Read more on the Galapagos Conservancy website