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Plug-in cars may need too much water

March 11, 2008
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Hybrid plug-inVehicles that can be plugged in to the electricity grid and recharged overnight are seen as the green cars of the future. But a new study has shown that replacing petrol cars with plug-ins could put strain on water resources. That’s because electricity comes from large steam-turbine generators and nuclear reactors, which must be cooled with water, writes ScienceNow.

In a report to be published in the June issue of Environmental Science & Technology researchers estimate that if by 2015 there were 10 million plug-in cars on the road, power plants would require an additional 1.1 percent of water to generate the electricity they need. This has implications for water-scarce regions. And, says an environmental scientist, it shows that perhaps more attention needs to be paid to water demands when capital investments are being made in the electricity industry. (See Sunday Times article on Eskom’s potential water crisis.)

Renewable energy may offer a less thirsty solution. For instance, Google has a project on the go using solar power to recharge plug-in vehicles. See Google harnesses the sun

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