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‘Clean coal is like healthy cigarettes’

October 4, 2008
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Al Gore, he who made climate change mainstream with his movie An Inconvenient Truth, has called for civil disobedience to stop the building of new coal plants that don’t have carbon capture and storage. He was speaking at the Clinton Gobal Initiative meeting in New York last month. Environment News Service reports him as saying: “The coal and oil companies have spent, in the United States alone, a half a billion dollars in the first eight months of this year promoting a lie that there is such a thing as clean coal. Clean coal is like healthy cigarettes. It does not exist. It could theoretically exist. The only demonstration plant [in the United States – FutureGen] was cancelled. How many such plants are there? Zero. How many blueprints? Zero.” Gore called for a new global energy infrastructure based on renewable energy: sun, wind and geothermal.