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Even common birds are in trouble, says BirdLife report

September 22, 2008
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Around the world, the numbers of once common birds are falling, providing evidence of a rapid deterioration in the global environment, says BirdLife International in a new publication, State of the World’s Birds, and website, which were launched today.

“Birds provide an accurate and easy-to-read environmental barometer, allowing us to see clearly the pressures our current way of life are putting on the world’s biodiversity”, said Dr Mike Rands, BirdLife’s CEO. Read more

SA trawl fishing kills thousands of sea birds a year

August 18, 2008
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Scientists who monitored catches on 14 different vessels trawling for hake in the Benguela Current, off South Africa’s west coast, estimate that about 18,000 seabirds may be killed a year in this fishery alone, reports Birdlife International.

The majority of bird deaths were a result of collisions with wires – known as warp lines – leading from the stern of the vessels. “Most mortality relates to the dumping of fishing waste behind the boat. This attracts seabirds which can either hit the warp lines or become entangled in the nets,” said Dr John Croxall, chairman of BirdLife’s Global Seabird Programme Read more

Surgery restores golden eagle’s sight

February 18, 2008
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Golden eagle pic :: University of GlasgowA cataract has been removed from the eye of a golden eagle in a procedure performed by surgeons from the University of Glasgow’s Small Animal Hospital.

The bird badly damaged its eyesight after it flew into electricity cables and it is believed the shock caused a cataract to develop, the university reports.

Putting birds under general anaesthetic is considered very risky as the shock often kills them, it adds. But it was decided that without sight, the bird’s future was bleak.

The eagle, who has been named Electra, now lives in a Scottish sanctuary.

Via :: Science Daily