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Cleaning products that won’t harm you or the planet

June 16, 2007
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Eight years ago, Capetonian Anthea Torr decided to start producing chemical-free household cleaning products to fill a gap in the local market. “I wanted to give people the option of living their lives free of chemicals,” she told Your Family magazine (July 2007 issue). The Enchantrix range of organic products was born.

Working with a microbiologist and a scientist, Enchantrix launched a range of household cleaning products in 2003. The range includes an all-purpose cleaner, dishwashing liquid, window cleaner, disinfectant and loo cleaner, fabric softener, laundry liquid and fruit and vegetable wash. Next followed a range of body products – shampoo, conditioner, hand wash, body lotions and face creams – and, more recently, a range of baby care products was added to the list.

“Our ranges are totally biodegradable and the formulations are in line with EcoCert and Soil, both international organic accreditation organisations,” Torr told Your Family magazine.

Enchantrix products “contain organically grown plant ingredients, essential oils and pure spring water and are completely biodegradable”, the company claims on its website.

Enchantrix products are reportedly available in Pick ‘n Pay supermarkets in the Western Cape and they have been seen in some stores in Gauteng. They are also available in pharmacies and health shops around South Africa. To find out more about stockists and to see the full product list, visit Enchantrix’s website. The company also offers a mail order delivery service in South Africa and overseas.