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Local retailer champions organic cotton industry

June 27, 2007
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South Africans are definitely starting to get greener. You can see the evidence on the supermarket shelves: in the past six months, the number of organic or “green-branded” products in my local Pick ‘n Pay seems to have multiplied exponentially, and even Checkers has started marketing its organic vegetable line. This can only be in response to consumer demand, so let’s hope this trend continues to strengthen.

Of the major retailers, Woolworths was the first to start marketing to the eco-conscious, providing a selection of organic foods and clothing made from organically grown cotton. Its organic cotton range appears to be gaining in popularity. According to a story in the Business Report (June 25 2007), Woolworths’ organic cotton clothing range is expected to be worth R30-million for the past year, and the retailer has set a target of R400-million by 2012. That means it’s expecting the market to quadruple in the next five years.

However, at present the retailer has to source most of the supplies for its organic clothing range from India because there are no organic cotton farmers in South Africa. So to drive its 100%-cotton clothing range, Woolworths says it plans to help establish a local organic cotton farming sector by 2010, reports Business Report.

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Britons are developing a taste for organic foods

June 21, 2007
Posted in Food

British retail chain Asda, a unit of Wal-Mart, has tripled the number of organic lines it offers, from 325 to 1,000, in the past 18 month in response to a rising demand for organic foods in Britain, Reuters reports.

At the Reuters Consumer and Retail Summit held in London, Andrew Higginson, finance and strategy director for another British retailer, Tesco, said, “After years and years and years of just wanting to spend less on food to free up money for other things they [consumers] are actually reprioritising things and saying actually I want to buy better food.”

The demand for organic food is outstripping the local supply in Britain and some retailers are having to import organic goods, the summit was told.

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