No monkeying around with recycling

Posted by Alastair Otter on September 18, 2009
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The three-bin system for collection our household recyclable materials.

The three-bin system for collection our household recyclable materials.

Regular readers of Treevolution may know that towards the end of 2007 we signed up with Resolution Recycling to collect recyclable materials from out home every two weeks. At R360/year it was a good deal for us, especially as they recycled everything in an environmentally-friendly way. Unfortunately it seems it wasn’t such a good deal for Resolution and they filed for liquidation in June this year.

The result was that we had a 40L dustbin full of recyclable materials with nowhere to go. And over the next two months the collection grew rapidly. Despite wanting to recycle we had no easy way of doing it. Until I spotted a Resolution Recycling bin in our neighbourhood with an Ecomonkey sticker on it. We’d heard of Ecomonkey but as far as we knew they didn’t operate in our area. I phoned them that day and it turned out that they had started a collection in our area on that very day so we signed up.

Ecomonkey also collects standard recyclables (glass, paper, plastic and metals) every two weeks but the service costs more than Resolution’s did but at R79/month it’s not unaffordable.

Unlike Resolution, Ecomonkey encourages members to separate out the individual material into different bags before put out for collection. You don’t have to, apparently, but we do, using our three-bin system down the side of the house.

Ecomonkey does appear to be expanding fairly quickly and adding new collection areas to its service so it is worth taking a look to see if they cover your area. We’ve now been signed up for a month and so far everything has worked out perfectly.


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  1. Tricia
    January 11th, 2010 @ 9:18 am

    Hi Alastair
    I live in Rynfield,Benoni & I’m interested in helping out the environment by recycling my waste/rubbish at home. Is Rynfield covered by the collection area? How do I go about it? Please supply me with further information via my email address:
    Thanking You
    P.S. I live in a complex where there are 25 units & we have a specific waste/rubbish area/collecting bay. I will be contacting the owner of the complex,as he too lives on the property, to see if I can distribute letters to all tenants & see if they too are interested in recycling.

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