1972 Datsun is world’s fastest electric car

Posted by Laura Grant on March 30, 2009
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It’s hard to believe, but click on the clip above and you’ll see it for yourself.  A 1972 Datsun, which has been lovingly converted into an electric vehicle, can thrash muscle cars on the drag strip.

The speedy 37-year-old, named the White Zombie by its owner/creator John Waylands, can reportedly do 0 to 90kph in just 3 seconds. Its internal combustion engine with an output of 69hp has been replaced by a custom-built electric set-up and 60 lead batteries, which produce 300hp.

But apparently it’s not the horse power that makes the difference when it comes to electric motors, it’s all in the torque. Electric cars get full torque from the first instant so they can fly out of the starting blocks and leave the competition spluttering in their tyre smoke.

Via :: Gas 2.0

I hope this answers at least some of the 17 questions left by Samuel in a comment on an earlier electric car story.


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