Lettuce on the edge

Posted by Laura Grant on January 15, 2009
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thirsty lettuce

It’s been raining pretty heavily here in Joburg for the past few days, which I’m very grateful for because I nearly killed my lettuce and they need all the help they can get from Mother Nature at this point.

After a mere two days of not watering them I was horrified to find my lettuces all wilted and dead-looking. It’s been extremely hot here in Joburg, but there have often been thundershowers in the late afternoon so I kind of assumed that it would be okay to leave the watering of my veg to  nature for a few days. Big mistake.

I have been trying to nurse them back to health for the past week and some of them look almost as good as new.

survivor-lettuceBut for two particularly parched-looking plants, it was touch and go. For a few days the only evidence that they weren’t stone dead was a brave little tuft of green poking out from the middle of a soggy brown clump. The little tufts are getting bigger every day, though, so I think they’ll be okay. I’m amazed at their resilience. (The lettuce on the right is the one on the top right in the big photo a few days later)

I’ve learned my lesson: lettuces do not like to be ignored, they need to be watered every day.

I now have a rain gauge so I can get a better idea of just how much rain has actually fallen during a thundershower.


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