‘No new coal’, says daring caped crusader

Posted by Laura Grant on December 12, 2008
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The cooling towers of Kingsnorth power station, near Nottingham in the UK. © Ed Clarke, iStockphoto.com

In an extraordinarily audacious and dangerous act of environmental sabotage, an unknown “caped crusader” breached the security of Britain’s Kingsnorth coal- and oil-fired power station and brought one of its 500MW turbines to a standstill last month. Then, after leaving a calling call which read “NO NEW COAL”, he simply disappeared.

The power station was brought to a halt for four hours. This means that the unknown saboteur single-handedly reduced Britain’s carbon emissions by 2 percent, the Guardian reports.

The hunt is now on for “climate man”. The police say they have no suspects and even seasoned climate activists say they have no idea who did it, but would really love to know.

A spokesperson for power utility E.ON was quoted in the Guardian article as saying: “It was extremely odd indeed, quite creepy. We have never known anything like this at all, but it shows that if people want to do something badly enough they will find a way.”

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