Worldwide Blogger Bake Off

Posted by Laura Grant on October 27, 2008
Posted in Lifestyle

The Worldwide Blogger Bake Off is a campaign of Breadline Africa that aims to raise $1-million for poverty alleviation in Africa. Breadline Africa will use the donations they receive to convert shipping containers into community kitchens in poor communities.

Why join? Well, Breadline Africa says: “Other than the overwhelming sense of satisfaction from lending a helping hand, the new snazzy container kitchen could be named after you or your blog as well as a Amazon voucher worth $500.”

Want to join in? Go to the Worldwide Blogger Bake off website for more info.

My contribution will be to match the R90 donated by the Cape Town Oracle, who tagged me. And I will contribute a recipe for Mandazi because they remind me of many happy months spent travelling around East Africa and the hospitality of the people there. I’m not going to tag anybody. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether you want to join in or not.


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