Scientists prove that chocolate is good for you

Posted by Laura Grant on September 26, 2008
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Italian scientists have found that eating moderate amounts of dark chocolate regularly reduces the risk of cardio-vascular disease – by as much as a third in women and a quarter in men. But only dark chocolate has this effect. The milk in milk chocolate has been shown to interfere with the absorption of polyphenols, according to one of the researchers. And when they say moderate amounts, they’re not kidding. The best effects are obtained from 6.7 grams of chocolate a day – which is one small square two or three times a week. And you can’t sneak a bit more because if do you, you’re likely to forfeit the beneficial effects. The amounts of chocolate consumed are critical, the researchers say. That means you can indulge in half a 100g slab a week – for health reasons – which is certainly better than nothing.

Via :: Science Daily


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