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Posted by Laura Grant on March 22, 2008
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Elephant trouble – Kenyan conservationist Richard Leakey has given his “qualified backing” for South Africa’s lifting of the ban on elephant culling. The new elephant management norms and standards were announced on February 28. He told the BBC that it was a “necessary part of elephant population management”. But he also said that South Africa had a responsibility to curb human activities that impinge on elephant habitat. Read more at BBC.

Water trouble – Many conflicts around the world erupt or are worsened by water shortages, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon wrote in an opinion piece this week. And population growth and climate change are only going to make things worse. So, we urgently need to use water more efficiently and share it more fairly . “International Alert has identified 46 countries, home to 2.7 billion people, where climate change and water-related crises create a high risk of violent conflict. A further 56 countries, representing another 1.2 billion people, are at high risk of political instability,” according to Ban. From Environment News Service

Pollution on the move – Nasa has found that about 15 percent of the pollution over the Western United States and Canada actually originates in East Asia. What’s more it moves pretty quickly – pollution from forest fires or industry in East Asia can reach the western US in about a week. But you can’t simply blame East Asia for the pollution levels, says one scientist, some of it also originates in Europe, North America and elsewhere in the world. Environment News Service


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