Making fireworks less toxic

Posted by Laura Grant on March 22, 2008
Posted in Green News

fireworks01.jpgFireworks displays are a popular way to celebrate, but they’re not very environmentally friendly. “When a firework is set off, it releases a whole cocktail of poisons damaging to humans and the environment: heavy metals like lead, barium and chromium, chlorates, dioxins, smoke and particulates, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen and sulfur oxides,” says a report.

But it is possible to make them much less dangerous to the environment by using nitrogen-rich compounds and other new strategies, say two European scientists. The main stumbling block to the development of more environmentally friendly pyrotechnics is price pressure, says Thomas Klapotke of the University of Munich. The new products must compete with established ones. “Lawmakers and other promoters must intercede to address this,” he says. Read more at Terra Daily


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