Greenpeace blasts Moore’s SA pro-nuke tour

Posted by Laura Grant on March 6, 2008
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nuclearlogo.gifGreenpeace is urging South Africans to ignore the “pro-nuclear preaching” of Patrick Moore, a world-renowned evironmentalist, who is on a lecture tour of South African universities this week at the invitation of the Nuclear Industry Association of South Africa.

Moore, who is described one of the co-founders of Greenpeace, will be sharing his views on global warming and the role nuclear energy, renewable energy and energy efficiency can play in producing a cleaner energy supply and ensuring a sustainable energy future.

At a news conference in Sandton on Tuesday he said that climate change had made him a strong supporter of nuclear power. “I find it logically inconsistent for people in the environmental movement who say that climate change threatens the very existence of our civilisation and could drive millions of species into extinction, to then oppose one of the most important technologies that could bring about the resolution of this crisis,” The Times reported him as saying.

At a lecture he gave at Wits University on Monday he said that although he supported wind and solar energy, they would never be able to provide enough baseline power.

Incidentally, Greenpeace denies in a media statement that Moore is one of the environmental acitivist group’s co-founders and says that he uses this “false claim” to “bolster his opinion for industrial hire”.

Since he left the organisation more than 20 years ago, Moore has been a “paid propagandist for a number of polluting industries, including: defending clear-cut logging of forests in British Columbia, downplaying deforestation in Amazonia, supporting controversial mining projects, and promoting genetic engineering”, the Greenpeace release says. “On some occasions he has even been in the Climate Sceptic camp,” it adds.

Greenpeace describes nuclear power as “a deadly distraction from the real energy solutions” to the problems of global warming and energy security.

It adds that South Africa’s power cuts cannot be addressed by nuclear power which, anyway, will not be available until 2016, at the earliest, whereas renewable energy and energy efficiency can deliver quickly and cheaply.

The nuclear industry, Greenpeace says, is “deadly, dangerous, expensive, a nuclear proliferation threat and leaves a legacy of nuclear waste that will threaten the lives and livelihoods for many generations to come”.

Greenpeace’s Energy [R]evolution blueprint shows that renewable energy, combined with greater energy efficiency, can deliver half of the world’s energy needs by 2050, the organisation says.

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  1. Red Craig
    March 7th, 2008 @ 5:33 pm

    Greenpeace split away from reality some decades ago. For it to claim that Moore wasn’t one of the founders ought to prove to anyone who still isn’t clued in that nothing Greenpeace says can be trusted.

    One supposes this kind of flailing about must be the last gestures of a dying organization.

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