Green tip: Keep the pressure up

Posted by Laura Grant on March 22, 2008
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flat-tyre.jpgWe’ve mentioned before that with underinflated tyres your car use up to 4 percent more petrol. They are also less safe to drive on. But here’s a factoid from a report in the Sunday Independent that you may find interesting if you’re driving from the Highveld to the coast this Easter. Apparently tyres slowly deflate as you travel towards the coast because of the denser air pressure at the coast. So if you’re going to be driving to Durbs, keep an eye on your tyre pressure.

Phillip Hull of the Road Safety Foundation was reported as saying that 19 percent of cars randomly tested in Gauteng recently were riding on one or more tyres pumped to less than 1,8 bar. Four percent had tyres that were dangerously deflated at levels below 1,5 bar.

“The scariest part is that … many drivers still consider a kick against the tyre a sufficient safety check,” Hull said.

(Photograph: Frenkieb, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 licence)


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