Don’t be afraid to ask for tap water, says London’s mayor

Posted by Laura Grant on February 20, 2008
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London mayor Ken Livingstone has urged British people to ask for tap water in restaurants rather than bottled mineral water, AFP reports. “People should be encouraged to ask, and feel confident they can ask in restaurants for tap water, rather than have to pay through the nose for bottled water,” Livingstone said.

Britons drink an average of 6-million litres of bottled water a day, the report says. Tap water is cheaper and has a smaller carbon footrpint because it doesn’t have to be transported by road or often for thousands of kilometres by air from other countries.

In addition, bottled water’s plastic packaging creates a mountain of waste that is very often not recycled.

Britain’s environment minister Phil Woolas recently told a BBC television documentary that “it borders on morally being unacceptable” for Britons to spend so much on mineral water when there was a worldwide water shortage and pure drinking water was readily available.

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