New handbook for sustainable living

Posted by Laura Grant on December 15, 2007
Posted in Lifestyle

If you’d love to live a more sustainable lifestyle, but don’t have a clue where to start, the City of Cape Town has published a little gem of a book that is exactly what you need.

It’s called the Smart Living Handbook and it explains the hows and whys of things like recycling, energy efficiency, water use and the importance of conserving biodiversity. It’s very user-friendly and full of fascinating (and disturbing) facts, as well as practical advice on how to do things like make compost, conduct an energy audit in your home or estimate your household’s carbon emissions.

It’s focus is sustainable living in Cape Town, but the general information has broad appeal.

It would be brilliant if we could have one of these handbooks for Joburg.

To download a pdf version of the book, click here and look for the City of Cape Town Smart Living Handbook link.


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