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Posted by Alastair Otter on December 1, 2007
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Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics

It’s that time of year again. With Christmas just around the corner most of us will find ourselves down at the local mall some time in the next two weeks spending our annual bonuses on shiny new electronics. Whether it’s a games console for the kids (and dad), a laptop or a mobile phone you can try and make your holiday splurge a little greener by reading the sixth edition of Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener Electronics. And once you’ve done that, you may actually want to reconsider that games console you’ve been hankering after.

Released this week, the guide rates high-profile electonic goods manufacturers on their positions on toxic chemicals and recycling with Sony Ericsson claiming the title of “greenest” producer and Nokia dropping heavily from it previous top position down to position number nine.

First produced in August 2006 the electonics guide this time includes games console manufacturers for the first time and Microsoft enters the list third from the bottom because of its long timeline for toxic chemicals elimination (2011) and a poor takeback policy and practice.

Nintendo, maker of the very popular Wii game console, is also a new entrant to the guide in this release and is also the only company ever to have achieved an ignominious zero for its lack of effort on the green front.

The poor performance of Microsoft and Nintendo are cause for serious concern as the two players dominate gaming sales with their XBox 360 and Wii consoles. Together the two consoles account for 28 million unit sales, more than four times the sales of Sony’s PS3 (6.4 million).

Second and third place in this edition of the green guide go Samsung and Sony. Both Motorola (14th) and Nokia (9th) suffered heavy re-ratings because of advertised product takeback programmes that staff in many countries were either not aware of or could not provide information on.

Apple fans will be pleased to see the company on a steady upward curve (now in 11th position) from its dismal last place in early editions of the guide.

The current rankings are:
1 – Sony Ericsson
2 – Samsung
3 – Sony
4 – Dell
5 – Lenovo
6 – Toshiba
7 – LGE
8 – Fujitsu-Siemens
9 – Nokia
10 – HP
11 – Apple
12 – Acer
13 – Panasonic
14 – Motorola
15 – Sharp
16 – Microsoft
17 – Philips
18 – Nintendo


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