Trans-Sahara expedition powered by chocolate

Posted by Laura Grant on November 29, 2007
Posted in Transport

A chocolate-powered truck left Britain on Friday and is making its way overland to Timbuktu in Mali in an attempt to complete the first carbon-neutral trip across the Sahara.

The entire 6,000km trip – which will take them through France, Spain, Morocco, Western Sahara and Mauritania on their way to Mali – will be powered by biodiesel made from waste chocolate.

The BioTruckers, Andy Pag and John Grimshaw, aim to show that biodiesel can be made in ways that are environmentally friendly. They say their truck’s fuel has been assessed by independent experts at CarbonAided and “its manufacture and use emit just a tenth of the carbon footprint of fossil diesel”.

The BioTruck is a “recycled” 1989 Ford Iveco Cargo flatbed that was rescued from the scrap heap. It is carrying 1,500 litres of the choccy-diesel and two Landcruisers from the mid 80s that will be needed to complete the difficult last 200km stretch of the trip to Timbuktu.

The team is expected to arrive in Timbuktu on December 16.

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