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Out now: the 2018 edition of the Beginner’s Guide to Recycling

September 4, 2018
Posted in Recycling

The first edition of The Beginner’s Guide to Recycling was released in 2011. At the time home recycling was still a relatively new idea, but interest has been growing and to date more than 14,000 copies of the guide have been downloaded. Over the years, however, some of the information in the first edition of the guide became obsolete as services changed, closed or moved. And many people asked if we were ever going to update the guide. We always said “yes” but didn’t have the time to do it.

Finally, earlier this year, we decided to make the time to refresh the guide and we are extremely pleased to say that the 2018 edition of the guide is now available for download.

As with the first edition the guide is free to download but, if you would like to support future editions of the guide we now have an option to make a small donation.

Download a copy of the guide here, and visit our Patreon page here if you’d like to support us.

Guide to Recycling in South Africa: First edition available now

November 7, 2011
Posted in Lifestyle, Recycling

It’s been in the pipeline for a while but now, after more than a little procrastination and a lot of research, Treevolution’s Guide to Recycling in South Africa is here.

This short booklet is intended to be an easy-to-use guide to the basics of recycling and is full of useful tips, ideas and contacts for getting everyone recycling.

This is the first edition of the guide and while we have done our best to ensure it is accurate, useful, and up to date, there is undoubtedly room for improvement. So, if you spot an error or you have a suggestion for future editions please do let us know. You can do that by sending us an email on guides@treevolution.co.za or simply send us a message on Twitter or Facebook.

The recycling guide is free to download from here though we do ask you to give us a little hand by spreading the word. The download page includes some links for sharing the guide using social networks and you could also just tell your friends and colleagues about it the traditional way: word of mouth.

Everyday recycling: Shopfront mannequins

November 1, 2010
Posted in Lifestyle, Recycling

We spotted this when we ventured out north to the new BluBird wholefood market. The shop window display at this optometrist made clever use of old plastic bottles and caps to create a unique display for their spectacles.

Sometimes it’s not just about recycling old bottles and cans into new products but it’s also about re-using old materials to create new ideas. Very clever.

Have you seen a good re-use of old material recently? Send us a picture and we’ll post it here.