De Lille calls for more renewables

Posted by Laura Grant on February 9, 2009
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The global economic crisis was an exciting opportunity for South Africa to make massive investments in renewable energy and position itself as a world leader in combatting climate change, Patricia de Lille, the leader of the Independent Democrats, said in a speech in Parliament today.

Investing in renewable energy would create hundreds of thousands of jobs and provide sustainable energy for our people, she said.

“There is no reason why South Africa cannot be one of the world leaders in terms of renewable energy.”

“This would enable us to develop skills, where hundreds of thousands of our people will be able to become plumbers, electricians, solar power installers and wind turbine technicians.”

She said that Germany had created a quarter of a million jobs in its renewable energy industry in only 10 to 15 years.

But South Africa needs leadership, political will and budgetary resources if it is to carve a place for itself in this industry.

She said that the fact that the government had set a target to have one million solar water heaters installed in three years and had only succeeded in installing 800 in the first year was evidence that the “government is not serious”.

De Lille called on the government to suspend all spending on projects like the pebble-bed modular reactor, the conventional nuclear and arms industries, “which create very few jobs and waste billions of rand on foreign companies”.

Source: Politicsweb


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