Home-grown convenience food

Posted by Laura Grant on January 13, 2009
Posted in Garden

butter lettuce

Lettuce is an incredibly useful thing to have growing in the garden,  because you can pick a leaf or two from a plant when you need it – even from quite young plants. It’s convenience food at its best. So you have a constant supply of fresh salad greens. And, anyway, salads made from freshly picked leaves just taste better.

If you grow your own, you don’t need to buy bags of salad that usually contain more than you need and end up being stored in the fridge for days and eventually thrown away. You pick as much as want when you want it. And, if you’re a regular salad eater, you’ll save money.

You just need to make sure you have enough lettuce plants growing at one time to meet your needs. I have planted 6 butter lettuces and 6 Lolla Rosas, which I hope will do for my family of four. I bought them as seedlings from my local nursery – I have given up trying to grow lettuce from seed for the moment (something keeps eating my seedlings) – and I picked enough leaves for a salad just three days after I planted them. How’s that for instant gratification?


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