Help to conserve an unspoilt part of Joburg

Posted by Laura Grant on November 13, 2008
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A huge new conservancy area is being established in southern Johannesburg, centred on the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve in Kibler Park, and you are invited to get involved.

The new Klipriviersberg Conservancy extends over 150 square kilometres. The area has considerable tourism, recreational, cultural, educational and developmental potential, but needs proper and careful environmental management and protection from untoward development. This is why landowners and residents in the area want to establish a conservancy.

The Conservancy lies between the N12 highway to the north, the R59 highway to the east, the R550 and R554 to the south and the N1 highway to the west. It covers urban, rural and pristine, unspoiled and environmentally untransformed areas of land.

The 680-hectare Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve, the largest proclaimed nature reserve in Johannesburg, lies at the centre of the area. A variety of game roams freely in the reserve.

“The ridges, rivers, ruins, residents, reserve and recreation of the conservancy need to be moulded into something we can all be a part of and take ownership in to protect and promote its mix of
cultural, historical and environmental wealth and beauty,” says the Gauteng Conservation Association.

The GCA is inviting anyone who is interested in the conservancy to attend the inaugural meeting and becoming part of the development and establishment of the Klipriviersberg Conservancy.

Date: Wednesday19 November 2008
Time: 18:30 to start at 19:00
Venue: Klipriviersberg Recreation Centre, Peggy Vera Drive, Kibler Park.

The Conservancy is located within the municipal areas of Johannesburg, Ekurhuleni and Midvaal. It will be registered with the Gauteng Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Environment (GDACE) and it will register as a member of the Gauteng Conservation Association.

  • For more information contact: Clem Kourie (clemkourie [at] gmail [dot] com 082 458 2816) or Andrew Barker (abarker [at] icon [dot] co [dot].za 083 274 4424)


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