Is it a wind turbine or is it art?

Posted by Laura Grant on September 11, 2008
Posted in Renewable energy

The Energy Ball you see in the picture is a funky little home wind turbine from Home Energy International, of the Netherlands. Apart from looking good, it’s said to be less noisy than traditional propeller turbines and it works at wind speeds as low as 2 metres per second. They come in sizes of 1-metre or 2-metres in diameter and are installed on a pole in the garden or on your roof. The 1-metre ball can reportedly generate up to 500kWh a year and the 2-metre ball 1,750kWh a year. But, alas, they are pretty expensive – from around R24,000 to R56,000. Ouch. The one is the picture is at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam.

Via :: Live Science


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