E-waste drop off point in Pretoria

Posted by Laura Grant on September 15, 2008
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If you live in Pretoria and you have unwanted or broken electronic equipment that you want to get rid of, drop it off at the e-waste collection point at UNISA so that it can be recycled in an environmentally acceptable way.

Johnny Clegg told delegates at a recent Gartner conference that 460 000 PCs reach “end-of-life” every day and 550 million mobile phones reach “end-of-life” every year. That’s is a lot of unwanted gadgets. This electronic waste shouldn’t be thrown away with other rubbish because it could leach toxic chemicals. It also contains a number of valuable materials, such as copper and aluminium, that can be reclaimed. The plastic from PCs can also be recycled, and it is used to make new products such as benches and fence posts.

The e-waste drop-off point in Pretoria is at UNISA’s Muckleneuk Campus. There is a container marked E-WASTE at the back of the TvW building, 3rd floor service entrance below the parking north of TvW. (Entrance: c/n of Mears street and Willem Punt).

For more information contact the E-waste Association of South Africa


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