Update: Birdlife snaps up one suspended flamingo conservationist, but what of the other two?

Posted by Laura Grant on August 15, 2008
Posted in Conservation

Mark Anderson, one of the three conservationists suspended by the Northern Cape department of tourism, environment and nature conservation, has found a new job at Birdlife South Africa. He has been appointed executive director with effect from 1 October 2008.

Anderson, will receive an award for his work with Kimberley’s flamingos in Madagascar in September, says Birdlife South Africa.

The two other employees suspended for what is thought to be their involvement in establishing South Africa’s only flamingo breeding site, Julius Koen and Eric Hermann, are less fortunate. A report in Kimberley’s Diamond Fields Advertiser says that staff in the department said that the three men’s “equipment, laptops and cell phones” were confiscated and the locks on their office doors were changed.

The DFA reports that their is speculation as to whether the suspensions are politically motivated and whether promises had been made by politicians to developers wanting to build near the Kamfers Dam flamingo breeding site.

The Northern Cape legislature can expect a class action against them, Dr Gerhard Verdoorn of the South African Hunters and Game Conservation Association, was reported as saying.


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