Rift Valley hot rocks give Kenya green power

Posted by Laura Grant on August 11, 2008
Posted in Renewable energy

Kenya is tapping into the vast geothermal energy reserves of the Rift Valley as part of a plan to dramatically increase electricity production by 2018 and fuel economic development, Reuters reports.

The rift could potentially provide Kenya with 3,000MW of electricity, an AFP report says. Three sites in the Rift Valley already produce 130MW of geothermal power and a new 35MW plant is being built in Hell’s Gate National Park, near Naivasha.

At present, Kenya gets 60 percent of its electricity from dams, 30 percent is fuel-generated and the rest comes from geothermal, the report says. Blackouts are common and demand is growing at 8 percent a year. Only 20 percent of Kenyans are linked to the electricity grid, but by 2030, at least 80 percent of Kenyans will have power,” Alfred Odawa, chief geologist at the energy ministry, is reported as saying.

Source: Reuters, Industry Week


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