Hydrogen car tour over, but don’t expect them in showrooms soon

Posted by Laura Grant on August 26, 2008
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The Hydrogen Road Tour 08, a 13-day trip across the United States by hydrogen cell cars is complete. Nine car makers took part in the groundbreaking zero-emissions tour. There were sections where the cars had to be carried on the back of flatbed trucks because there were no hydrogen fuelling stations, but apparently one of the points of the road trip was to highlight the need for more fuelling stations in the US. Reuters reports that the US has 60 hydrogen fuelling stations, but only two are open to the public. There appears to be a great deal of public interest in the vehicles, and car makers are spending vast sums of money developing them, but a study by the US National Research Council found that even in a best-case scenario, car manufacturers will only sell about 2 million electric vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells by 2020.

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