Automate PC shutdowns and save energy

Posted by Laura Grant on August 25, 2008
Posted in Business

Telling the staff in your office to switch off their PCs doesn’t always mean that they’ll remember to do it. Tim James, director of sustainable IT, a Cape Town-based company, says that communication campaigns urging end users to turn off typically fail within three months and are difficult to monitor. Some IT departments refuse to switch off because mission critical patching and software distribution is carried out overnight. But IT departments are coming under increasing pressure to reduce costs and do their bit for environmental sustainability.

sustainableIT has a cost-effective, simple solution that can offer enormous savings, says James. NightWatchman allows administrators to control the power state of PCs on a network. It also reports on energy use, carbon dioxide emissions and costs in the environment, an important factor in driving behaviours and delivering quantifiable return on investment. James says the system will pay for itself in less than a year.

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