Greenpeace blockades Australian power plant

Posted by Laura Grant on July 3, 2008
Posted in Renewable energy

Twenty-seven Greenpeace activists have blocked the coal supply to the Eraring power plant in New South Wales, Australia, by locking on to the conveyor. Eraring is Australia’s most polluting coal-fired power plant, says Greenpeace.

“Eraring, an old and inefficient plant, is one of eight coal-fired power stations in New South Wales. These plants are responsible for half the state’s and 13 percent of Australia’s greenhouse pollution. Eraring is the biggest culprit, sending nearly 20 million tonnes of greenhouse pollution into the atmosphere every year. Each hour we blockade the coal supply, we will prevent 2,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide being released,” said Greenpeace Australia climate and energy campaigner Simon Roz.

Greenpeace is calling on Australia’s Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to deliver policies that support renewable power so that Australia can immediately start replacing old and dirty coal-fired power. Part of that support should be a robust emissions trading scheme designed to deliver substantial cuts in greenhouse pollution quickly.

“We have to stop fuelling climate change when creating electricity,” said Roz.

Greenpeace has recently released two reports showing how renewables, combined with some gas co-generation and energy efficiency, can provide all of Australia’s energy needs. “The Energy [R]evolution Scenario” showed that renewables could replace all coal power by 2030. A second report, “A Just Transition to a Renewable Energy Economy in the Hunter” found that replacing coal-fired generation with renewable power would create tens of thousands of local jobs.


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