Whales not having a whale of a time

Posted by Laura Grant on June 23, 2008
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Despite 20 years of “moratorium” on whale hunting, the populations of these animals aren’t showing significant signs of recovery, say scientists in an AFP report.

This fact will be contested by whaling nations such as Japan, Norway and Iceland at the International Whaling Commission in Chile this week. But scientists say that it would need decades of uninterrupted growth for whale populations to return to their original numbers – even those species who appear to be thriving may not be out of danger, they say.

Besides commercial hunting, whales have to contend with other dangers posed by sharing the oceans with people: they are struck by their vessels, become entangled in fishing nets, are poisoned by pollution, their habitats are destroyed and bombarded with noise. Add to this the effects of climate change, one of which is the potential acidification of the oceans which could sharply reduce the number of krill on which whales feed, and these giant mammals are in for a hard time.

We humans really need to be less greedy and learn to share the planet with other species instead of looking at everything as potential resources that are only of value if we have a use for them.

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  1. Cape Town whale watching accommodation
    September 12th, 2008 @ 4:31 pm

    Shame, whales are so beautiful and majestic, and such a pleasure to watch, why would anyone want to kill these lovely creatures is beyond me.

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