Scotland’s solar water lilies

Posted by Laura Grant on May 14, 2008
Posted in Renewable energy

solar lilypads from International Design Awards website Solar power is inspiring all sorts of interesting ideas, the latest one, reported on the BBC’s website, is a giant solar water lily. Designed to bob quietly on a river – much like the real thing from which the designers got their inspiration – these giant lily-shaped discs would be tethered to the river bed and would be able to rotate to follow the sun.

Glasgow-based ZM Architecture has already won the International Design Awards Land and Sea competition for their solar creation. They are now hoping that the Glasgow city council will give the go-ahead for a trial project to tether the lilypads on the Clyde River so they can provide the Scottish city with clean electricity.


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  1. Jacques SEOman
    May 19th, 2008 @ 9:35 am

    Tethering giant solar cells in a river is a cool is a cool idea, but what happens if the river comes down in flood? Surely the solar panels aren’t going to enjoy that scenario too much? Lets face it though, the nergy crisis gripping our country and planet is dirte, affecting everybody on some level. Any alternative technology is welcome, no matter how offbeat.

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