Cement industry focus of new clean-up campaign

Posted by Laura Grant on May 30, 2008
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© Dan Moore, iStockphoto.com South Africa’s Environmental Management Inspectors, the Green Scorpions, launched a “Clean Cement” campaign this week with a series of compliance inspections at cement manufacturing facilities across the country, says the department of environmental affairs and tourism.

“The cement industry has been prioritised in this new environmental compliance campaign because of the growing demand for its products. An increase in construction and development projects in the country and rapid expansions in the cement sector means that the industry may contribute significantly to pollution if not mitigated and managed properly,” said Joanne Yawitch, deputy director general for environmental quality and protection at DEAT.

She added that inspectors would consider findings of significant non-compliances to environmental authorisations at cement plants in a serious light, and take appropriate enforcement action.

Photograph: © Dan Moore, iStockphoto.com


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