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Posted by Laura Grant on April 9, 2008
Posted in Conservation

BirdLife South Africa has announced it will develop six new birding routes in the Western Cape and Cape Town areas. Birding Routes provide tourists with suggested itineraries, trained local guides and birder-friendly accommodation in bird-rich areas. The conservation organisation says that avitourism in South Africa is taking off, with two popular birding routes generating about $6.4-million annually for local people. The new Western Cape routes will give tourists access to about 600 bird species, says BirdLife.

LUNGLESS FROG – Scientists have discovered the first frog that gets all the oxygen it needs through its skin. The lungless Barbourula kalimantanensis, which lives in cold, fast-flowing water in Indonesian Borneo, may be new to science, but it is reportedly already threatened by illegal gold mining. Via :: Science Daily

BLOOD WITH A BITE – Proteins in alligator blood may provide a source of powerful new anitbiotics, researchers believe. Alligators have an unusually strong immune system and researchers hope that their blood may help fight infections associated with diabetic ulcers, severe burns, “superbugs” as well as Candida albicans yeast infections. Via :: ScienceDaily


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