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Posted by Laura Grant on March 11, 2008
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green-passport.jpgThe UN Environment Programme has launched an Internet-based campaign called Green Passport to raise awareness on sustainable tourism. Tourism is the world’s biggest industry and is continually growing, but it must be sustainable to keep damage to the planet at a minimum, Unep head Achim Steiner said at the campaign’s launch in Berlin on Friday.

The World Tourism Organisation estimates that there will be 1.5 billion tourists in the world in 2020, representing 21 percent of the world population. Over 9-million people visited South Africa in 2007, an 8.3 percent rise from 2006, according to the SA department of environmental affairs and tourism. The department is aiming for 10-million in 2010. This will put considerable strain on natural landscapes, especially, coastlline, mountains and biodiversity. Other tourism-related impacts result from the rise in the number of flights, an increased demand for water and energy that can bring tourists into conflict with local populations, and more pollution.

But don’t let this put you off going on holiday. The Green Passport website tells you what you need to know about being a green tourist – the kind that’s respectful to the environment and good for the economic and social development of the host communities.

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