Around the world in a solar-powered taxi

Posted by Laura Grant on December 5, 2007
Posted in Renewable energy, Transport

The head of the UN Environment Programme, Achim Steiner, will be picked up from the airport by a very special solar-powered taxi when he arrives in Bali for this month’s big climate change conference, Reuters reports.

The taxi has stopped off in Bali as part of a 50,000km round-the-world trip.

The director of the Solar Taxi tour, Louis Palmer, set off from Switzerland in July and is now a third of the way along his planned trip. The 35-year-old Swiss school teacher told Reuters that the car had already driven 14,400km through 17 countries without a drop of petrol.

On the Solar Taxi blog he states that his mission is to “demonstrate to the world how many sophisticated solutions to lower greenhouse gases already exist”. The Solar Taxi, he adds, should “show that every single one of us can take a step towards preserving our planet”.

His goal is to travel through 50 countries in 15 months across five continents “all the way around the world, from west to east”, starting and finishing in Lucerne.

All along the way the Solar taxi team says it aims to seek out and visit inventors, organisations, individuals and scientists who are active in climate protection. Palmer’s three-wheeled taxi tows a trailer with 6 square metres of solar panels.


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