Recycling made easier in Joburg

Posted by Laura Grant on November 25, 2007
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recycle.jpg Seventy-seven percent of the South African city dwellers surveyed by a research company recently said they never recycled paper and packaging. I suppose it’s not surprising, but it is very concerning. Part of the problem, I suspect, is that that there is a lack of information about what can and cannot be recycled available to the public and recycling takes a huge amount of effort. I’m sure that if it were made easier to recycle, a lot more us would do it.

In my area Mondi’s Ronnie Recycling service is a straightforward and reliable way to recycle paper and cardboard. I have a compost heap in my garden that takes most of my organic waste, but what do people who don’t have gardens do? They need somewhere to store it until they can take it to the dump. The same applies for everything else – glass, cans, plastics and broken appliances – recycling requires so much storage space and effort that I often just throw everything in the bin and hope the guys with the trolleys that rummage through the rubbish on Pikitup’s collection day will do the necessary sorting and recycling for me. They do earn a bit of income at the buy-back depots, after all. But, it’s a bit hit and miss. I’d rather be certain that my plastic is being recycled in an environmentally friendly way and not ending up lacing the shores of the Braamfonten Spruit.

Enter Resolution Recycling. They have hit on a brilliant idea. For an annual fee of R360 (that works out to R30 a month), they give you a big, green dustbin into which you put your recyclables and then they come and fetch it from you every two weeks. How simple is that? They also provide you with a list of what they can recycle. Justin Needham, the owner, told me he ensures that all the material is dealt with in an environmentally friendly way and he has a reputation to maintain so he takes the green factor very seriously.

At the moment Resolution Recycling operates mainly in Joburg’s northern suburbs, but it is expanding all the time, so it’s worth getting in touch with them to see if they do your area. I was told that they are looking at including Pretoria some time next year.

For more information take a look at Resolution Recycling’s website


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  1. Arnold50
    July 29th, 2008 @ 2:51 pm

    I think this is great because recycling is so important these days. Sadly, not enough people recycle. Whats even sadder is that they don’t recycle because they don’t know how. I have found this company in Cape Town called Clearer Conscience. They are great, really professional and reasonably priced. Here’s the link

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